Our Chocolate


SHAMAN Chocolates donates 100% of our profits to support three Huichol villages in Mexico.  Projects include sending the first Huichol to college – a young woman who plans to become a lawyer so she can help protect her people and their lands from encroachment.  Other projects include building schools and supplying beads so the Huichols can continue to create their visionary artwork.  SHAMAN Chocolates not only taste good, they do good too.  With each bar that is purchased, we are helping to support the economic and cultural survival of the Huichol Indians.



Made with the finest quality ingredients to create a rich, delicious and satisfying bar, SHAMAN Organic Chocolates are a treat for the senses.


Dark chocolate continues to grow in popularity because of the many health benefits associated with it.   Our 82% Extra Dark Chocolate is wonderful – intense, but very smooth and not at all bitter.  We’ve added heart-healthy raw cacao nibs to our Dark Chocolate Ruby Raspberry bar for extra crunch.  Our Dark Chocolate with Toasted Coconut and our 60% Dark remain favorites.  For a unique taste, try our two “superfood” bars:  our Dark Chocolate with Green Tea & Ginger and our Dark Chocolate with Acai, Lemon and Orange.  For milk chocolate lovers, we have two delicious flavors:  Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts and our best-selling Milk Chocolate with Macadamia Nuts & Hawaiian Pink Sea Salt, which is positively addictive – it satisfies both your sweet and salty cravings with one bite.  Women, whom we all know are the biggest consumers of chocolate, absolutely love it.