The Huichol Indians



[largefont]The Huichol are a small indigenous tribe of approximately 20,000 people.   Living in remote areas of the Sierra Madre Mountains in central Mexico, they are perhaps the last tribe in North America whose pre-Columbian traditions are still intact.[/largefont]


[largefont]The Huichols are a healing people – they never had a warrior class, and instead devoted themselves to their ancient shamanic traditions to bring healing to themselves, their community, and Mother Earth.[/largefont]


[largefont]The Huichol leave offerings of chocolate at places of power to show their love for Mother Earth.  The Huichols know that gifts of chocolate help people develop and strengthen a mutual love with the earth and with each other.   Offer SHAMAN Chocolates to those you love, knowing each bar is precious.[/largefont]


[largefont]Incredible artists, the Huichols create visionary yarn paintings, beaded objects, beaded jewelry, and fine woven and embroidered medicine bags.[/largefont]


[largefont]The Huichol are under tremendous pressure to assimilate, to leave their traditional villages to find work in the cities and on tobacco plantations where they are subjected to harmful pesticides.[/largefont]


[largefont]By providing an outlet for their artwork, giving back a portion of the tuition from each seminar he leads, and through the sale of SHAMAN Chocolates, Brant Secunda provides continuing economic support that enables the Huichol to continue to live in their traditional ways – to stay Indian.[/largefont]


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