The Story Behind the Chocolate

We strive to create the most delicious organic and fair trade chocolate and with it, share the story of the Huichol people.


[largefont]SHAMAN Organic Chocolates was created as a way to help sustain the economic and cultural survival of the Huichol Indians, the indigenous people of central Mexico. Living in remote areas of the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico, the Huichols are under tremendous pressure to assimilate. Considered by many to be the last remaining tribe whose pre-Columbian traditions are still intact, and living as they have for thousands of years, in harmony with the Earth and all their relations, the Huichols are a precious resource. Our mission is to keep their ancient shamanic culture alive and bring the power and joy of this ancient wisdom to the modern world.[/largefont]


[largefont]Inspired by a visionary dream, Brant Secunda, Shaman, Healer and Ceremonial Leader in the Huichol Indian tradition, created SHAMAN Organic Chocolates as a way to provide on-going financial support so the Huichols can continue to live in their traditional ways, keep their ceremonies, and create their visionary artwork.[/largefont]


[one_third first=yes][fancy_headline]Our Philosophy[/fancy_headline]

We believe that homage should be given to those who have appreciated chocolate for thousands of years. Chocolate is not only delicious and beneficial to our own health, but the Huichol utilize as a tool to connect with Mother Earth and share her inherent love.[/one_third][one_third ][fancy_headline]Our Mission[/fancy_headline]

Our goal is to create the most delicious and ethical chocolate possible, while simultaneously giving back to the Huichol people, who have honored this food of the gods since time immemorial. We strive to do good in all that we do.[/one_third][one_third][fancy_headline]Our Chocolate is…[/fancy_headline][fancy_list]



[largefont]Rather than creating profits for itself or shareholders, SHAMAN Chocolates sole purpose is to help sustain the Huichol Indians.  Shaman Chocolates is a project of the Dance of the Deer Foundation, Center for Shamanic Studies, based in Santa Cruz, CA.  To learn more about the work of the Dance of the Deer and experiential workshops and pilgrimages led by Shaman Brant Secunda, visit[/largefont]


[largefont]For information on the Huichol Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to preserving and promoting the Huichol people and their indigenous lifestyle, culture, and traditions, please visit  Learn about the five vital aspects we support, including health, education, culture, art and environment, and how you can help.[/largefont]




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